Samson Ojo, 24, is charged with rape and kidnapping after police say he attacked a woman inside a movie theater on Sunday.

A 21-year old woman said Ojo followed her to the bathroom and forced her into an empty theater where the sexual assault took place. “It’s not good, it’s horrible feeling like this,” said the alleged victim during an exclusive interview with FOX 8.

“I want to feel like me, I don’t feel like me. I look in the mirror and look in my eyes and I don’t see me.”

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“It’s a very horrific crime, in my eyes,” said Ontario Police Chief Rodney Smith.

Police said Ojo was at the Cinemark Theater on Lexington-Springmill Road with his wife and step-children. Chief Smith said Ojo made eye contact with his alleged victim before he followed her out of one theater and pulled her into an empty theater.

“You don’t react,” said the alleged victim. “You don’t know what to do and it doesn’t even, you don’t even realize what’s happening.” Read More


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