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Last week, Deion Sanders made headlines after he posted on twitter that he had been jumped by his estranged wife Pilar and one of her friends.  He said that he was pressing charges and she was going to go to jail, and sure enough, later that night Pilar was taken into custody. Now, Pilar’s BFF Dee Boswell is claiming that Deion initiated the fight and she has the evidence on her phone to prove it. She recently sat down with Good Morning America to chat about the incident which she says left Pilar bloody and bruised.

On What Happened:

I was upstairs cleaning some things out of their daughter’s room to help move into Pilar’s room. I heard muffled yells and then I suddenly heard Pilar scream, ‘like not scream like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ Scream like, ‘Somebody help me. I immediately split second decided to record it and went downstairs and as I rounded the corner I had my phone in my left hand and I was able to capture Deion striking Pilar in the head with a statue. Pilar was crouched down on the floor [with her hands over her head] and with his left hand he rared back and just plowed her right on top of her head with the statue and smashed her thumb.

On Deion attacking her

He was able to realize I was recording, it was very oblivious. I had my phone out in front of me, and then he threw Pilar down to the floor and came after me.

Where is this cell phone video tape now?

The Prosper Police Department has confiscated it .

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