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In yet another chapter in their very nasty, public divorce battle, NFL great Deion Sanders is denying allegations he ever laid hands on his estranged wife Pilar.

“[I] never touched her, never done anything derogatory to her in front of the kids, and I never will,” he told “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts during the interview.

His denial comes after last month’s ugly, headline-grabbing, incident during which he and Pilar allegedly got into an altercation at the couples’ mansion in Prosper, Texas.

While there are differing public accounts of what actually happened (he says Pilar and a friend of hers tried to “jump” him in his room in front of their children, while the kids’ piano teacher alleges Deion was the aggressor), Deion was charged with misdemeanor simple assault a day after the incident. Pilar was arrested, held overnight and charged with misdemeanor family assault. She was released the next day and ordered to stay away from the family home for 60 days.

During the “GMA” interview, Deion also responded to the flak he received for tweeting during the incident and posting pictures of his sons filling out police reports afterwards, alluding that he has a public image he needs to protect.

“I can’t be alleged the guy that’s lost his mind,” the ex-Cowboy star said. “That’s not who I am or what I am.” Deion went on to say he does things for the community in addition to his endorsements. He is currently an analyst for the NFL Network.

And, about the children (two sons and a daughter), they are actually doing quite well in spite of the circumstances, according to Deion.

“They are doing great… These are the best of times,” he said. “I’d be lying to say that it hasn’t somewhat affected them… But they are troopers.”

As for Pilar, she is still not allowed near the home for now. And Deion would like it to stay that way.

“I pray to God they don’t allow her back into the home it’s not a safe environment for me or as well as the kids.” Despite the fact Deion filed for divorce last year, the couple have been living under the same roof since then, with both parties refusing to give up rights to the home. When asked about the seemingly unhealthy arrangement, Deion stated that Pilar owns a home a few minutes away (the couple had bought it for her mother) and that the family home is in his name.

“I stay in the house because I provide and I take care of the home.”

The two were in court Thursday morning for a hearing in their divorce, with both parties wanting custody of their three kids, NBC 5 reports.

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