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lilD and Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti brought his Road to Riches Tour to Cleveland, and we spoke briefly about everything from his Cash Money deal to how he felt about Lil Boosie’s “not guilty” verdict.

lilD: I’ve heard a lot of people refer to you as a ‘mixtape rapper, like you don’t make albums. Does that bother you?

Yo Gotti: Nah. We put out good quality music. Whatever you wanna label it, to each his own, know what I mean? We droppin dem hits, though.

lilD: Since we’re in Ohio, I wanna know what’s up with Sylver Karatz (female rapper from Cincinnati). Is she signed to you?

Yo Gotti: Yea, she’s part of CMG. She finna drop some shit….

yo gotti and fans

The hood came out for Yo Gotti. One dude yelled “put me on a track, fuck that!”

lilD: When can we be expecting a project from you?

Yo Gotti: I’m working on some new shit now. We’re probably dropping another album or another [mixtape] right after the tour.

I can’t take normal pictures to save my life…..LOL!

Yo Gotti also told me he didn’t drink or smoke. Nice….

Check out the rest of the video, and what Gotti had to say about Lil Boosie’s verdict, below:

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. I miss southern accents.

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