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Oh, so we’re just gonna go “The Evil Dead” route out here now? Zombie alert!!! Was he under the influence of  ’bath salt’ as well? This is getting crazy, where’s a new Antoine Dodson song when you need one? Hide your face, hide your organs, etc… Cause they are out here eating!

The year of the zombie continues to trudge forward as a black student at Morgan State University has been charged with killing and eating his victim’s body parts. Alexander Kinyua, 21, was slapped with first-degree murder in the death ofKujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, after dismembering the body and eating pieces of the victim’s heart and brain.

Kinyua, who shared a home with Agyei-Kodie, admitted to eating his internal organs, but was not arrested until three weeks after the victim was reported missing. According to a spokeswoman for the Harford County Sherrif’s Department, police did not have enough evidence to confirm foul play.

On Tuesday (May 29), Kinyua’s father informed authorities that human body parts were found in his basement. Kinyua denied that the parts were human, once questioned by his father and brother. Police later obtained a search warrant where they uncovered a human head, and hands in the house.

The accused killer has a history of bizarre behavior. He was previously charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment for randomly attacking a Morgan State Student in the doorway of their apartment complex.

No doubt, this news will shed an unfavorable light on the institution, which was recognized by President Obama in 2009, in honor of National HBCU Week, but sadly this is just the latest report of cannibalism in less than a week. A Florida man—apparently high on bath salts— was recently shot and killed by police this while eating another man’s face.

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