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So Miguel is popping off at the mouth again (last time Lloyd was his target) and this time he’s warning all artists to stay out of his lane or get dealt with.  On a recent radio appearance Miguel did not hold his tongue on what he would do to anyone who got in the way of his craft basically stamping himself the ultimte R&B thug lol.

Miguel told Mina SayWhat on Philadelphia radio station Power 99:

I’m just gonna say, don’t nobody out there step into my f*cking lane. That’s all I’m going to say. Just stay in your lane. I’m a competitive person and the thing is I’m solidifying my lane and don’t f*cking come over here cause I will f*ck you up in that situation. But that’s how we’re supposed to be. I’ve been saying I appreciate so many different kinds of music and what I don’t appreciate is…I want everyone to express themselves in a unique way. I think I’m saying that in an aggressive way because that’s how I really feel, but what I mean by that is; find your own thing to do and create your own lane. It’s not the easy way, but it creates longevity for you and I think that’s what I’m trying to encourage.

Where I’m going, I’m really trying to take everybody with me, and I’m just saying, don’t come over here, I’ll f–k you up yo

He further explained himself saying READ MORE