Hot 97 DJ, Peter Rosenberg, is the cause of all this drama surrounding Summer Jam and Young Money’s princess–Nicki Minaj. She was supposed to perform at the Met Life Stadium on June 4rd, but didn’t make it to the stage after Rosenberg insulted her and her music.

@FunkMasterFlex Goes In On @NickiMinaj For Canceling On NYC Fans

Funkmaster Flex joined in on the disrespect. Claiming Nicki’s record sales have tanked and that she has become a commercial artist. Nicki and the rest of YMCMB passed on the show causing even more of a controversy. The Barb called into “The Breakfast Club” to clarify why she didn’t have to prove Hot 97 wrong by taking to the stage despite their blatant actions. “I don’t have to show anyone s**t,” said Nicki!

If you were Nicki Minaj, what would you have done?Listen to the interview, here.

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