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I mean, is it really that far-fetched..? Sources are saying that producer Stevie J is a real pimp with women on the team and a steady flow of clients!

Someone hit up AllHipHop and said that Stevie J has hoes. Like, the man pimps out women! And judging by the way he talks to Joseline and Mimi, I can believe it. If you didn’t know, Stevie J used to be one of Diddy’s Hitmen producers back in the day. Won 3 Grammy’s. But I can’t recall the last thing he produced, and the sources say that pimping is how he made it through dry patches of not making any music. They say Stevie provides rappers and basketball players with high-class heffas and collects the loot!

I don’t know if the pimping money slowed down and that’s why he’s doing the show, but word on the street is that Joseline used to be one of his hoes. Well…he found her in a strip club, and after 4 episodes, no one has heard her sing. Hmm….

And…Joseline (aka Shanellica Bettencourt) did get arrested for lewd behavior….

Peeps are also saying that Stevie J “handles his business in the streets,” which is why nobody really touches him (Lil Scrappy tried), even if he owes them thousands of dollars.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Can’t believe he’s out there pimping women. I wanna put dem paws on em, ya feel me?

via TheWordEyeHeard

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