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Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada’s violent reputation is putting a damper on her wedding planning. Every Miami hotel she’s asked to hold her ceremony has denied her.

Evelyn and her NFL playing fiance Chad Ochcinco are in the middle of filming their spinoff reality show Ocho & Ev. The television series is meant to document the planning of their lavish nuptials. They’ve had one major issue along the way. None of the best hotels in Miami want Evelyn and Ochocinco’s drama. All of the five star hotels have denied the reality couple because they don’t any fighting or glass throwing in their establishments.

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The St. Regis, The Ritz Carlton, and Breakers hotels have shut down any possibility Evelyn and Chad can tie the knot at their venues because they don’t want to deal with any fighting and they’d rather not risk the show portraying the hotels in a negative light. When Evelyn and Chad were shut down the first time, they sent the show’s producers to ask for permission to shoot the wedding at one of the aforementioned hotels. Each hotel’s personnel gave the producers the same answer they gave Evelyn and Chad–NO!

Though they are still scrambling for a location, the couple is set to film their wedding next month.

See what bullying and bad behavior gets you? You can’t get married where you want because of your actions on a television show?! Seems like there needs to be some self evaluation going on with this couple. Evelyn needs to ask herself why she asks the way she does and Ocho needs to figure out if he really wants to get married and forsake all jumpoffs for Evelyn. You’d think they would’ve done all of this before he proposed. Maybe that’s just me.



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