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WATCH: Trina - "I'm Back" [VIDEO]In case you were wondering, Trina is back. Where did she go, you may ask. She went back to her raunchy rap roots with her single and video “I’m Back.”

Trina and her homegirls start their own car wash. These ladies aren’t washing any Nissan, Hondas, or Chevys in this sexy clip. The Diamond Princess and her entourage soak themselves and exotic cars with soap suds. Once Trina and her crew are done washing the foreign luxury vehicles, they head to a party bus and work the pole, literally. Let’s just say, any dude who finds Trina remotely attractive will be kicking themselves because they don’t have enough money to buy one of those massively expensive whips.

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Check out Trina’s sexy video for “I’m Back” below.



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