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About 99.9% of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” viewers are grossed out by Benzino and Karlie Redd’s relationship. Sloppy on-screen kiss and fake tears aside, most fans are wondering how they’ve gone from meeting in the parking lot to having an at-home date in matching clothes to getting a house key in the span of a week. Thankfully, Benzino did an interview with The Breakfast Club to help us get at least a little bit of a better understanding. See if these snippets help:

How he got on the show

I never went to get casted or nothing, I kinda just fell into it. I had been doing some music with Stevie. Me and Stevie been friends for like 10 years. He had already went to the casting…I went on the show originally to give him some advice (in the car). Next thing you know I had met Karlie and I met her off camera. Then I got a call from Mona to see if I wanted to be on camera.

How he got with Karlie Redd

We had met off camera, we went out. The next thing you know…everything happened so fast. We was filming for three months.

How much time passed before he gave her a key to the house

Before she got the key, it would have been two months.

Whether Karlie is really talented

She does that patwa really good. She’s Trinidadian. She has a voice. A lot of singers out here are auto-tuned up anyway. I think definitely producers can work with her. She let me hear a lot of her music. I believe she has talent.

If she’s using him to help her career

She’s real, real motivated about her career. A lot of women are. It’s not easy dating celebrities because that becomes their number one thing and you have to cater to that.

Was he portrayed accurately

When it comes to women, I’m a good guy. If I’m into you, there’s nothing that I won’t do for you. I know how to treat women. I won’t disrespect them.

If they’re getting married

You have to watch the show…I got the ring.

Benzino also talked about believing in love, wanting to settle down, and what’s up with Stevie J’s faces and his drama. Check out the rest of the interview here. Do you think he and Karlie’s relationship is for real or for show?