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Well looky looky, a brotha proposes to his lady finally (“So you gon’ marry a n***a???”) and now they’re displaying their love for the world to see. Lil Scrappy and his fiancée Erica are covering this month’s issue of Rolling Out and the mag sat down with the couple, and their daughter Emani, to give readers an inside look on why what seemed to be a dysfunctional union on-screen works so well in real time.

In the interview, Scrappy touched on his issues with how he was portrayed on the show, and his disappointment with the fact that people assumed he was a bad father:

“They kept saying I was a bad father,” he shared while on set for his rolling out cover shoot.

As he reviewed his photos through my camera’s viewfinder, he continued. “That was the one thing that kept getting to me. It was messed up because they heard Erica say one thing, and then they took it and ran with it. I have always been there for Erica and Emani, so it kind of got to me when they would say that…I’m not like these other baby daddy dudes out here. I really take care of mine.”

Another gem in the interview, Erica expressed what she took from her time on the series, and where she’s at right now:

“I’m in a very good place in my life right now,” she shared, while watching Scrappy take some solo photos. “I learned so much about myself through this process with the show, and now I’m just looking forward to this next chapter in my life.”

Here’s to hoping that these two will tie the knot soon (and not have like a 8-10-year engagement or some ish) and that he can keep his wandering eye on track. The two seem to be very much in love looking at these photos, and we’re happy to see that these two might actually have a shot at being a happy family for their little lady.

Sorry Shay.

Check out some more photos from the shoot, and be sure to check out the interview the two lovebirds gave toRolling Out at their site. Ca-ute!






What do you think of the shoot?

*Photos courtesy of Rolling Out