The Nuzzcrew remix to “Diced Pineapple” is telling the story of a man who had never been in a committed relationship finally putting all of his time and emotion into one woman only to find out that she was cheating on him and spending his money on other men featuring PoeticLungs (Pictured on the right). Take a listen!

Mysterious Girl_Diced Pineapples (Remix)

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NuzzCrew is an American/ Nigerian RnB group from New York. The group officially formed in 2010 but the two members, Silachi and Nnabu grew up together from birth and shared a long history of music. From a young age they were in the church choir and that is where they developed their talent. It was in the choir that they began singing and performing at school talent shows whenever they had the opportunity. In 2009, Silachi started a gospel quintet called “Blessed” and began writing even more music for the group.

Although it was successful, the distance of college created a small challenge in recording and performing together. In 2010 Nnabu met Justin and told him that he was a singer leading, Justin then mentioned  that he was a producer. Soon after Nnabu told Silachi of Justin and his production skill and how he began working with him. When Silachi came back from school on that thanksgiving break, they all began working and that’s when they made their first song “so & so”.

The group’s official name is Nuzzcrew was established shortly after creating that song. This name came about when the members decided to create and promote music that everyone can listen too, a universal sound. Each of the members goals are to make music that can last forever; music that can stand the test of time. Their passions are rooted in making a sound that is like no other. They strive to go outside the traditional RnB.


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