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Gucci…you just went TOO FAR. This fool butts in on someone else’s interview, and has the nerve to say Nas is broke?!? Have a seat.

So Hood Affairs TV was in the studio interviewing Rocko.Wordplay is available on iTunes now.

He was talking about the type of music he makes, his hustle, and all that.

So then he brings up Nas. He was basically saying that when Nas’ latest album, Life is Good, came out, it had very little promotion and still sold well. So as long as you have a core audience, you can do well in the industry.

Well in the middle of him making his point, Gucci Mane walks ink probably as high as a giraffe’s ass. He continuously interrupted the interview, and when he asked Rocko what he was talking about, Rocko starts back talking about Nas.

Gucci interrupts again and says:

“Did Nas make $150[000] blood money, first week off a mixtape?? Nas f*ked up right now…”

There’s more. Watch the video. Skip to the 3:30 mark to catch it.

You know what’s crazier? I think Gucci was just mad that Rocko was talking about Nas’ album and not his new Trap God mixtape. Because he first says “you talkin about that Trap God mixtape?” And Rocko starts talking about Nas.

Gucci, you’re ugly. You’re tired. You can’t speak well. And you look like you don’t bathe regularly. Go sit down.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. When you can’t be better, you hate.


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