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Plenty of fish in the sea

If a woman rejects a man, the man sees it as part of the game and moves on to hit on more women. It’s all a numbers game to men and they know they’ll have to take some ego hits before finding someone. Women can feel so defeated after one interaction gone wrong, that they give up on meeting guys altogether for that night. But nobody was ever successful that wasn’t willing to take risks, over and over again. And that includes in love.

Now I get to play the field!

When a man breaks up with his girlfriend, part of him is sad. But most men, while they are sad, are simultaneously very excited for the prospect of getting out there again and meeting/dating/sleeping with new people. Women tend to wallow for longer, and deny themselves the pleasure of being excited to play the field. But it would make breakups much easier if they’d look at it as men do!

“Nothing is wrong,” means nothing is wrong

Even though, something usually is wrong when a woman says, “Nothing is wrong,” to the pleasure of most men, they actually believe that nothing is wrong. Women could benefit from believing the same when a man says, “Nothing is wrong” because (and lucky us) men actually mean it! They don’t fear saying what’s bothering them like most women do. If something were wrong, they’d just say it. So stop racking your brain trying to “figure him out” when he says nothing is wrong, and just move on with your day.

She doesn’t make me happy, so I’m out

Women often reprimand men for being this way, but they are very concerned with their own happiness. But, women could take a page out of their book on this one because they can be too forgiving/understanding/compromising. If a man doesn’t make us happy, we often make excuses for him and try to understand where he is coming from. And this often leaves us in an unsatisfying relationship for years. Meanwhile most men see it simply as, “If she isn’t making me happy, there’s no reason for me to be with her.” And, when it comes down to it, they’re right.

What my friends think does matter

Women can be so stubborn when in love. We will ignore advice and warnings from our closest of friends that have always had our backs and know us through and through. Think of all the women you know that have boyfriends that none of their friends like? There are probably a few. Men, however, care greatly what their friends think of their girlfriends. In fact, they’ll often leave a girl if their friends insist she’s no good for them. Women could avoid a lot of heartbreak and unsatisfying relationships if they’d listen to their friends as much as men do.

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