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Eating Ramen or Eating Out

Before I went to school I remember declaring that I was not going to be anybody’s broke college student. But lawd knows I was wrong. Between studying, my extracurricular activities, and maintain a social life, there was hardly any time for a job that would pay enough for me to live the lifestyle I was accustomed to at home… you know when my parents were paying for most of my expenses. At first, I had a hard time accepting my new reality and would often splurge on fast food, restaurant food, etc… essentially food I couldn’t afford. Eventually, my bank account let me know that was no longer going to work. And I had to make adjustments. When you’re broke, you quickly learn that you can save money by eating cheap, often crappy food. For most college students, the crappy food of choice is Ramen. That’s all fine and good when you’re struggling; but now that you have a little bit of money in your pocket, you can afford to spend more than a dollar on dinner. Now, just because you can afford to eat out, like all the time, there is something to be said about learning to cook, real food for yourself. And not just to catch a man either. Whether you have a man or not, you still need food to survive, so it would behoove you to know how to cook a little something.

Procrastinating til the last minute

I’m going to be real with ya’ll and say that in college my middle name was procrastination. Honestly, it had become a game I played with myself, a game I usually won. If I crammed for a test and still managed to get an A or a B on it, I won. If I waited until the night before to write a paper I’d been assigned at the beginning of the semester and it came back to me with very little red ink on it, then I won. I won a lot in the game of procrastination. But in adulthood, when your deadlines are more likely to be attached to bills, when losing can come with no electricity or an eviction notice, the procrastination game is not one worth playing. The stakes are just too high.

Learn to say what you need/want/mean

Some people live for confrontation and foolishness. They love to give people a piece of their mind. And though I’ve never had a problem expressing myself when things get too hairy, it can be hard to assert your likes, dislikes, and morals when you’re still trying to figure them out. But now is the time to learn how to speak up, diplomatically, when you’re not happy with the way things are going down. Better to learn now than getting out in the cold, cruel world where people chew up and spit out the timid.

Don’t let dishes sit for more than 24 hours

College is a busy time, full of academic and social distractions. And when you’re busy, it’s easy to let the chores slide. While you can let your laundry pile up and neglect dusting a bit here and there, you cannot let the dishes sit there for too long. While your dirty laundry might not smell all that great, leaving your dirty dishes can cause everything from mold to insects to take over your home. It shouldn’t have happened in college, but now that you’re grown for real, it’s time to crack down.

Placing partying before your priorities

I wasn’t one of these people but I watched as quite a few of my associates got those infamous “academic probation” letters. For most of them, it wasn’t that they weren’t bright, or that college was too much of a challenge for them. It was the fact that they were too turnt up to study. If you manage to make it to graduation, don’t take that same destructive behavior into the workplace. If you love to kick it, do so in a manner that won’t affect your work performance.

If you’re living with others, learn to compromise

Just because you’ve graduated, doesn’t mean that you have to live on your own. In fact, if you can save a couple of dollars by living with a roommate, then by all means do so. But you must go into the situation knowing that trying to mesh personalities is no small feat. If you find that you and your roomie are having your differences, as you most likely will, it’s important that you at least attempt to compromise to come a solution. [SOURCE]

Any other behaviors that could go on this list?

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