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One of Chad Johnson’s baby mamas says Chad is behind on child support payments, and wants him locked up unless he pays up.

Andrea Pearson had a son with Ocho in 2010, and filed documents saying he missed his October 15th payment of $5,250, and he’s been consistently late paying the bill.

Wait; they had a kid on 2010?? When did he start dating Evelyn???


Pearson claims she can’t support the child as a result of Chad’s non-payment, and wants the courts to either make him pay up, or put him in jail until he comes off that bread.

According to TMZ, Chad’s lawyer says Ocho takes care of his kids, and that he even bought Pearson a home.

I’m lilD, and that’s the Word Eye Heard. Why did she have a child if she can’t take care of him without child support….?


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