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C’mon now, did you really think reality television had reached its quota on female-driven drama?

If the answer is affirmative, think again, baby! “The Real Women of St. Louis” have thrown their hats into the ring.

Y’all better recognize!

You may wonder what an Ex-con, a Child Care Provider, a Beautician, a Stripper-turned-Nurse, and the CEO of a Publishing Company have in common. They’re all sassy, sexy, and they love St. Louis!

But here’s where these sistas plan for their show to differ, ’cause the way they see it: Ain’t nothing “real” about women making astronomical sums of money based on whom they marry.

The “Real Women of St. Louis” know they represent African American women from every major city; and define real life as “everyday women turning negative experiences into positive outcomes.” These women know how to make things happen. They depend on no one.

Ida, LaRhonda, Chastity, Kelly, and LaShonda are the five real-time divas who make up the “Real Women of St. Louis.” Two fraternal twins, five entrepreneurs; they work multiple jobs, attend school, own real estate, manage their investments, cook, clean, raise their families, fight for child support; and on top of all that, (no pun intended…keep reading)

“Still find time to f*ck our husbands.” Their words, not mine

 Is that real enough for you?

LaRhonda Johnson, a beautician and real estate owner, is the brainchild behind the show, and its executive producer; and the pilot, which was shot independently (“on their dime”), is currently being shopped around to various networks. This is what making things happen looks like folks! Viewers will no doubt run into promos where the show was previously referred to as “Reel Women of St. Louis,” with the operative word here being “Reel.” But this was done to prevent a potential rights issue, which in the end, was no issue at all, and the formal title uses the word “Real.”

Interesting to note, the short clip they posted on YouTube got thousands of hits after only a few short hours (no one was more shocked than these women, who say they have no idea how this happened!). If the interest in this project is any indication, these women from St. Louis may be well on their way to other destinations in no time. But for now, they have been booking interviews on local TV programs, and other news and talk show outlets are calling.

In this clip, Chastity and Ida speak with KSDK 5 in St. Louis. Chastity says, in the whole scheme of all-things-reality, she thinks St. Louis is often overlooked.

Want a taste of what the “Real Women of St. Louis” are all about? Check out the vid below. Let us know what you think?

via EurWeb