The victim of an alleged rape that happened in Brooklyn Nets’ forward Andray Blatche’s Center City hotel room spoke only with Action News Wednesday with the promise her identity would not be revealed.

The 21-year-old student says she knew a member of the basketball star’s entourage who invited her to meet them at Delilah’s in Spring Garden. The rowdy crowd partied at the strip club late into the night celebrating Blatche’s new contract with the Nets. At that point in the night, the 21-year-old believes she was drugged.

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“I think I was already. I had to be already. Because it was like slowly…I was, I felt strange,” the student said. They then went back to Blatche’s suite at the Four Seasons where the alleged victim, who admits to drinking, says she passed out on the bed.

“It was like I was asleep, but I was still conscious. I heard everything that was around me, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t move …and not long after that that was when the first guy came in. It was like he rolled me over and had his way,” the student said.



She says Blatche and another man watched from the door. “And then the other guy came in, the short one with the dreads and then he had his way. It was like they kept peeking in. He went to the door a few times, opened the door, and then they were all three at the door,” she said.

The alleged victim says Blatche entered next. “He peeked in the room just like the other two. He just didn’t – when he came in, he didn’t have intercourse with me,” the student said. 



But she says, the player did nothing to stop the alleged assault. “He was not oblivious. He was aware the whole time,” she said of Blatche.

Several hours later, Blatche was back on the basketball court. When asked at a Tuesday morning practice why the 21-year-old was taken to the hospital, he replied, “I couldn’t even tell you why. Maybe, she was sick. I don’t know.”



Police sources confirm she told them Blatche was in the suite, but did not take part in the alleged rape. Today, A. Charles Peruto, Jr., the player’s attorney maintained Blatche wasn’t involved. “They can investigate from now till doomsday; they are not going to arrest my client. They are not going to find any evidence that implicates him. He’s totally innocent,” Peruto said.

The alleged victim says she was able to text her cousin who came and got her and took her to the hospital. That’s where she identified the two other men to police. Police questioned Blatche and two other men. Blatche was released early on, but the other two were held at the special victims unit for most of the day.


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