So…I guess it’s normal for people to think there might be more in store then music and instagram-pics for Chris & Rihanna but after a member from Chris’ camp sounded off on it all, maybe not…yet?

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Rihanna might have her love locked down when it comes to her blonde and wavy boo-thang Chris Brown, but as far as baby Chriannas or trips down the aisle anytime soon, Breezy’s camp says it’s not happening.

via Hollywood Life

When asked if Chris has any intention of marrying Rihanna, his friend told exclusively, “No, not at all. That isn’t even on the radar. No kids, no marriage, none of that is about to pop off. Why some people get married, is a mystery to me.”

“Chris feels like he’s got everything in order with both Rihanna and Karrueche [Tran], and what they have works for them,” added the friend. “Besides, come on now, really. Marriage? At 23? At this point in his career and Rihanna’s career? It’s so far out of the realm of reality that I can’t even talk about it anymore.”

“As far as settling down, he’s already settled,” the friend continued. “He’s got everything he wants; Rihanna loves him, Karrueche loves him and he has a relationship with both of them. He and Karrueche have a business relationship, and they’re cool together and have fun and s**t, then Rihanna is his main girl and they have a connection that’s out of this world. Can’t be broken, you know?” [Read more HERE]

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