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Making Kanye Pay

Kanye West Bans Pregnant Kim Kardashian From Listening To Rap Music!

According to a new report, the rapper is banning the music that made him famous, telling Kardashian she can only listen to classical songs while pregnant.

“Kanye wants his son or daughter to be educated at a top U.S. university such as Harvard or Yale before embarking on a career in business,” an insider tells The Daily Star. “He doesn’t want the child to become a pop star.”

With that lofty goal in mind, West is adhering to the belief that a fetus can actually learn while in gestation.

Certain studies have shown that Mozart, in particular, can increase a pre-born baby’s intelligence.

There are no studies, however, that show the effects of playing Kim’s “Turn It Up” for your children. Let’s hope there never are.

via: thehollywoodgossip.com

Cray, I’m keepin’ it real, that’s some BS! Gossip Files.

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