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Falica is 11-years-old and weights 400 pounds.

Her mother, Earlene Johnson, says that she has done all she can to lower her daughter’s weight. “We exercise everyday,” Johnson. “We’ve been in nutrition classes every since 2007.”


When Falica’s primary care doctor referred her to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., in 2012, Johnson says they were “hotlined.” Essentially, Johnson claims, a doctor told her that she was to blame for her daughter’s weight gain.

“They would not do any blood work, they wouldn’t do any x-rays, they wouldn’t do any testing on my daughter,” Johnson said. “They were saying that they believe that she overeats and that I can stop it. Basically, they were telling me that it was my fault.”

Johnson says a physician told her to follow up with the nutrition clinic. But when she did, they got a surprise.

“The next day, when I got home, the state of Missouri and child services was at my house,” she said. “Children’s Mercy had hotlined, me stating that my daughter, Falica Solomon, had a disease called “blout.”

But no “bout” was found when Johnson took Falica to her pediatrician. In fact, the pediatrician says there is no such thing as “bout.” The Kansas City mother showed Fox 4 News labwork that revealed her daughter’s blood work, blood sugar and blood cholesterol were all “normal.”

Johnson says that she has since moved her daughter to the Healthy Hawks program and a different hospital. So far, Falica has lost 10 pounds.

When Fox 4 News contacted Children’s Mercy, the television station was told no patient by Falica is on their roll.

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