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lil wayne God bless amerika

Lil Wayne has decided … the images of the rapper trampling the American flag during a music video shoot were NOT good enough for the final cut … ’cause they’ve been edited OUT of the final version.

Just last month, Wayne caught a TON of heat during the filming of the video for his new song “God Bless Amerika” when a giant American flag was dropped on the ground — only to be walked all over by Wayne.

Wayne insisted he didn’t step on the flag on purpose … but he didn’t really have an excuse for dropping the flag on the ground in the first place (a major no-no).

But when the final final cut for “God Bless Amerika” was released yesterday, the unpatriotic images didn’t make the cut … and during the flag dropping scene, the shot is edited in a way that you never see Old Glory touch the ground.

via TMZ

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