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This right here…is crazy and depending on how things play out, can get even crazier!

Source | BlackMediaScoop

The father and mother of Antonio Santiago, the 13-month-old baby who was allegedly fatally shot in Brunswick, Ga. by two teens in March, had gunshot residue on them the day their son was killed, according to the state’s forensic report.

While the fact that Sherry West, the baby’s mother, was also shot during her son’s killing could explain why residue was found on her, it is unclear how or why the baby’s father, Louis Santiago, would have been exposed to gunshot residue.

A conclusion from the state forensic report says, “This supports the possibility that [Louis Santiago] discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge, or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR [gunshot residue].”

According to the station, Louis Santiago is currently in jail on charges of aggravated stalking. An arrest warrant from June 6 reportedly says Santiago was stalking Sherry West, in violation of police orders. He was reportedly convicted of the same charges in another case from 2009.

West claims Santiago “went nuts” in the months following their son’s murder and violated a restraining order, according to the station. “He was throwing things through the window and terrorizing me, saying that I killed my baby and it should have been me,” West told the station.

According to the station, West says it is plausible that she would have gunshot residue on her because she was, in fact, shot. She also says it may be possible that the baby’s father came into contact with the residue when he saw her at the hospital.

Police have not named Sherry West or Louis Santiago suspects in their son’s murder.

HOWEVER, West’s 21 year old daughter went to police to tell them that she suspected her mother may have killed her infant brother. Ashley Glassey told CBS News in March, that her mother has serious mental health issues. These include a diagnosis of bi-polar with accompanying schizophrenic tendencies. West also talked with the media about how she was removed from her mother’s care at the age of 8, because of abuse and neglect in the home. Immediately after the shooting, Glassey said West began asking questions about how long it would take her to collect the insurance money. West’s daughter also told both media and police that her mother made conflicting statements to her, regarding the child’s death – including different stories about who was shot first. West’s inconsistencies and suspicious behavior caused her own daughter to tell police and reporters that she suspected her mother was not telling the truth about how the infant was killed.

Hmmm…what do you think? Did they find gun powder on the TEENS…WTF.

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