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What’s beef? If 50 Cent is involved, it’s something you stay away from. Unless your name is Meek Mill, who had an uneasy exchange of words with the mogul.

At MixShow Live, a DJ and music conference, 50 Cent was premiering new music from his newly-signed G Unit artist, Kid Kid, when he noticed Meek Mill was in attendance.

50 called Meek to the stage…and that’s when things got interesting.

As Meek was walking on stage, he had an old associate of 50’s, Trav, who is now with Maybach Music. 50 said “not you,” and pushed Trav. (In the video, it’s the guy to the left of Meek Mill, in a white shirt that says “Sky’s Not the Limit.”)

Once the two were done talking, Meek wanted to explain something.

On separating himself from 50 Cent/Rick Ross beef:

I’m my own man…when you a gangsta you live by your own rules. Him and Ross, they had whatever they situation is…I knew [50 Cent before their beef]. If I watch a Mayweather fight with 50 Cent, I’m not gonna act like I don’t want Mayweather to win. But me and [50] still cool, Ima always be me…”

Then 50 Cent tried to interject, saying that the two of them know there’s no beef, so there’s not reason to explain it. But Meek said he didn’t want to be on stage with Rick Ross, and standing next to 50 Cent because people take it the wrong way.

50 agreed, pointed to the family member he shoved and said “like when they see him standing around. What I’m trying to say to you is, he gotta do what he gotta do.”

By the time the two were done exchanging, 50 gave Meek Mill lots of praise.

Philly…these [dudes] can rap, but it’s a LOT of them. You gotta look, and go like ‘which one of these n-ggas is telling the truth? At the end, the hits got your name on them. So the checks got your name on them.

Then he walked off the stage peacefully.

via TheWordEyeHeard

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