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s-MOUTON-largeEasy there, cowboy.

Police in Louisiana say that James Mouton, 26, rode his horse into a bar, roped a man with a lasso and drug the man around the parking lot, according to KETK.

Mouton came in just after midnight on Tuesday. After a few drinks too many, Mouton left the bar unloaded his horse from his vehicle, and rode it back into the bar.

Authorities say Mouton was

“highly intoxicated,”

according to the Smoking Gun.

WAFB also reported what happened during his second visit:

A concerned patron of the bar escorted Mouton and his horse out of the bar. Once he was outside, reports say Mouton roped a 47-year-old man with a lasso and dragged him through the parking lot.Police say Mouton then rode the horse to his parent’s house and walked back to the bar. Police found him after his attempt to hide.

Mouton is charged with battery, and public intimidation.


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