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Rapper Young Jeezy as “El Jefe” showed the game some major rap talent with his CTE roster and the release of his mixtape, ‘Boss Yo Life Up Gang.’

DJ Drama and Don Cannon hosted the latest tape that shows the rise of the Doughboyz Cashout camp and YG.

The tape is full of both laid back tracks and banging beats that is perfect for a cruise down the eway to a close friends house or to the club!

‘Bravo’ from Doughboyz Cashout and YG is one of the first tracks off of the mix tape. This song is all about that twerk actions with lyrics like

“Bend over and make the ass clap.”


Nipsey Hussle of LA is on the song ‘Shame On You,’ that basically shouts if you aren’t popping bottles with models you’re not doing something right.

Jeezy has a few tracks on the tape, songs like ‘No Pressure,’ and ‘Talk That’ show that Young is still in his prime. Jeezy also got on songs with the other two group members for the songs ‘Chris Paul,’ ‘Hungry,’ ‘Living My Dream’ and ‘My N—-z.’

Some say that ‘Chris Paul’ is one of the best songs on the mixtape. This song is about Jeezy celebrating his achievements.

“I ball hard, Chris Paul bitches,”

he raps on the track.

Overall, the review I saw said that ‘Boss Yo Life Up Gang’…

 “…is a good reintroduction to not only Jeezy, but allows his artists to shine by themselves. Plus, there are solid beats. This project is a perfect way to round out a summer jammed with good music and is worth a listen for any fan of Jeezy and his CTE crew.”


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