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Kerry Washington’s Rumored Marriage Scandal

This may be a “Scandal” even Olivia Pope can’t fix. There are rumors that Kerry Washington’s secret marriage to former NFL-er Nnamdi Asomugha  is a complete sham! According to, there’s even PROOF:

“Here is your hard proof. Obtained directly from the Blaine County Clerk office, as you see it’s a direct screen print of the court’s computer. There is no marriage record of any kind, or public record of any kind, for Kerry Washington or Nnamdi Asomugha in Blaine County, Idaho. No items. That was checked upon well after the needed time to ratify the marriage, something that happens immediately when a valid marriage license is filed to the office. I held on to this for a very long time because it was not my place to expose people. The games now have gone way too far and I won’t stand for it.”

But wait, there’s more! The source continued, “I was paid by Kerry Washington and her camp to insert a marriage certificate in the Idaho court system. I did it for them, but she’s been tripping lately and it’s really pissing me off, so this is my pay back to the bitch! I did it, Nnamdi didn’t want to do it, but Kerry convinced him to go thru with it. See how Nnamdi hasn’t said anything or isn’t even wearing a wedding ring… well the dude is playing it safe. He was paid some money to agree to it, Nnamdi and Kerry are still dating, but they are not married.”

Oooooh, this tea is just TOO juicy! It seems Kerry’s life is imitating art. This feels like an episode that only Shonda Rhimes could write, hunty, and we’re here for it, especially since “Scandal” is starting to get a bit boring. No shade.

Ok, all shade.

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