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We’d like to think that when we’ve found that special person…you’ll know it right away! But just in case…here’s some ways to tell.

Source | Madamenoire

1. You celebrate & share your relationship – You are proud to be with each other and have no problem introducing him/her to family and friends! [READ]

2. Plan B doesn’t exist – You have no desire for that “option” in someone else! [READ]

3. Communication is encouraged and practiced – You guys can literally talk about anything together…good and bad! [READ]

4. You don’t fear the relationship – You’re able to love and trust without hesitation! [READ]

5. Fights happen – Fights aren’t always a bad thing! [READ]

6. You don’t snoop – You don’t have to…you genuinely trust him/her! [READ]

7. You inspire each other to become better people – You uplift, motivate and support one another! [READ]

8. Nothing comes between your relationship – Fights, challenges, etc…your bond is tight! [READ]

9. There are no secrets between you two – You’re able to be open, honest and vocal about your past present and future! [READ]

10. You put everything on the line – Love takes work…but you have no problem giving it your all! [READ]

11. You just know – That gut feeling and those constant thoughts in your heart…often says a lot! [READ]

12. You work as a team – Individually you rock…but together…you win! [READ]

13. You have those grossly romantic moments – Play her/him their favorite song…leave a love note…be in love!  [READ]

14. Sex isn’t a hush-hush subject – You’re open with each other on this very “touchy” subject! [READ]

15. You still know and do you – Love that person but still love yourself enough to never lose YOU! [READ]

Be in love! There’s nothing wrong with it…if it’s right!

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