Rap superstar Lil Wayne is prison bound after taking a surprising — and surprisingly docile — plea of guilty to gun possession yesterday in return for a promise of one year behind bars.

The Grammy-winning superstar has performed across the globe, pulling in tens of millions per tour. But he’ll be spending most of 2010 in an upstate cage — thanks to the .40-caliber Springfield Armory semiautomatic cops confiscated from his tour bus after a concert two years ago at the Beacon Theatre.

For all of Lil Wayne’s violence-laden lyrics, the guilty plea, accepted shortly after 10 a.m. by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon, was utterly well mannered, peppered with polite “Yes, sirs,” and “No, sirs.”

Wearing jeans, a puffy, hooded down jacket and his trademark dreads — the hip-hop sensation admitted today only to attempted possession.

Had he risked going to trial and being convicted of the original top charge of outright possession, he’d have been hit with the mandatory minimum of 3½ years in prison under New York’s stringent gun laws.

That was the sentence former New York Giant Plaxico Burress faced before he pleaded guilty to gun possession in Manhattan court and received 20 months in prison.

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Article courtesy of : New York Post

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