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The Gangsta Rap Coloring Book is just as it sounds: a series of images in thick black lines of the most popular gangsta rappers from hip-hop. The juxtaposition of hard-core thugs portrayed through a children’s medium made this book an underground hit in Aye Jay Moreno’s first, self-published edition. Now expanded from 20 to 48 pages to include even more of the music’s superstars, this collection is a witty hall of fame of gangsta rap.

It’s the Sweaty Shirt! The perfect gift for that lazy person. The shirt that already has sweat on it. There’s sweat under the arms, around the neck and mid back. You provide the odor.

Get your own seat on the airplane! Fool your boss! Act like you’ve done all your chores while sitting on the couch! The opportunities are endless…

The sleeping bag is constructed by hand. I use recycled quilts for the stuffing. I dye the fabric for the cheese and sauce part myself. The bag is lined with flannel which makes it not only adorable but also warm and cozy.

Trong: Finger Utensils

Toss out that bottle of Rogaine, because Science™ and lasers have teamed up to create an infallible technique to re-grow your hair and stop balding at the source! Just put the hair growing helmet on, don’t ask questions, and let the lasers take care of the rest.

Work on your stroke while you do work on the porcelain throne with this mini-golf putting game. Perfect for any size bathroom, the toilet mini-golf game is a great gift idea for the golfing enthusiast and comes with a putting green, two balls, and a mini putter.

Stay warm and healthy like a true fan with the Chicago Bulls flu game socks. They’re an ode to the great Michael Jordan and capture the iconic image of Jordan hugging Scottie Pippen after the historic game against the Utah Jazz during the ’97 playoffs.

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