Sasheer Zamata joined her “SNL” cast mates, Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharaoh in a hilarious Black History Month skit over the weekend and I am still cackling at it.

The skit is in a high school class and Zamata, Thompson and Pharaoh were asked to give a Black History Month presentation and they began singing a song detailing why Black people deserve a hug this month. The first reason is that they’re awesome, and the other 27? Slavery.

There’s a lot of people out here who may not see the humor in this skit making light of a taboo topic, but in all honesty, this is the most successful way of making fun of sticky race relations. Remember when Russell Simmons endorsed the Harriet Tubman porn? That wasn’t it.

It’s been a while since “SNL” showed some seriously offensive, yet successful chops and we’re here for this new breath of fresh air. Yeah, we’re going to go ahead and claim that the two new Black writers and Sasheer Zamata’s presence has a lot to do with it!Check Out This Gallery Of 50 Wishes For America From Black Women!

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