So today in the #WarmUpShow – Knyce and I discussed “body counts” and when they don’t count [in the bed of course]. The phone calls were off the chain but we’re still open for discussion!

Leave you comments below after the post [Courtesy of SingleBlackMale]:

Many if not all guys have been there. We have gotten to know different women. In that process we learn about a lady’s history with men. The good, the bad, and hopefully not too ugly. Many times in speaking to  women they’ll allude to a man they wish they hadn’t met. On many occasions that woman also slept with that man. After that the same woman might say that he “didn’t count.” What do you mean he didn’t count? I mean I get it, don’t get me wrong. The thing is that it’s just a bit jocular to me. I’ve heard this from many ladies over the years. Today I simply ask them why?

I thought it was important to bring this subject to the front steps of women.

Read their replies – HERE.

What about you?

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