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There’s a lot of politics that go into dumping someone correctly. Ideally, it would be done face-to-face, and probably in a public area in order to avoid a crazy scene. But now, it seems like times have changed in a world where technology is interfering in more areas of our lives.

Here are 10 situations where it’s okay to dump someone through text message:

– The relationship was toxic. I don’t care how long you’ve been dating, if the relationship was much more bad than good, you can get away with doing it via text message since an in-person meeting or phone call will probably just devolve into a screaming match or some other major drama. (Crying is not drama. If you’re worried someone will cry and you don’t want to see it, that is just being a coward.)

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– He’s avoiding you. If he’s avoiding you and not returning calls, then you have a right to resort to a text message. He probably prefers it that way.

– It’s safer. If your man is abusive or you feel threatened around him, then a text message is the way to go. In fact, I’d definitely recommend NOT meeting up with him. You may even want to forego telling him altogether and just change your number and stay at a friend’s house for awhile.

– He was caught cheating. Dude doesn’t deserve more than a text message.

– Liars. People who lied about something major, such as their marital status, or who they are — where they live, their job, their criminal history — don’t deserve more than a text message. Plus, meeting up could be dicey if you discovered something really awful, like the person has several restraining orders against him, or the single guy is really married with five kids.

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