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Wowzers! There are some crazy rumors coming from the set of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show! Reports say that sweet little Porsha Williams lost her ever loving mind and tried to beat the brakes off of “twirl girl” Kenya Moore!  According to Radar Online, sources on the set say,Porsha Kenya

“Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion taping to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality and she couldn’t take it anymore. Porsha beat the sh*t out of her! She is a little thing and she jumped on her and pulled her down to the ground by her hair, and Kenya doesn’t have a weave, it is all her own hair.

Porsha was sick of her saying that she was Kordell’s beard and those toys were the last straw.  Porsha is a skinny thing but she was whopping her butt.

As NeNe LeakesPhaedra ParksKandi BurrussCynthia Bailey and Andy Cohen watched in horror, the source said the security guards immediately tried to break up the fight.

They couldn’t get Porsha off Kenya!”

Word to the wise mean girls….you can only torment people for so long before they spazz and turn all their hurt and frustration on you…think of Ralphy in “A Christmas Story”! The bully sometimes gets their behind whooped in a real way!

Somehow we think Kenya will think twice before trying to be a “bad azz” again. Sadly, she’ll probably do what she does best…play the victim.

So grab your snacks and drinks kiddies because you know very well that this is about to get good!



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