Mona_Scott_YoungMona Scott-Young doesn’t doubt that a copyright infringement lawsuit has been filed against her, but she doesn’t know much more about it than you do.

“I read about it on the blogs just like everyone else did,” Mona told Sway Calloway about the “Love & Hip Hop” lawsuit. “I haven’t been served anything…The only people they’ve served are TMZ and Bossip.”

Although Mona, founder of Monami Entertainment and creator of the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise, doesn’t have details to share about the $50 million legal battle, she didn’t deny that the plaintiffs may have had a similar idea.

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“I have to assume there’s some basis to it because these are all very legal looking documents,” said Mona who acknowledged that it’s easy for one reality TV concept to sound a lot like another.

“So many times there are parallel shows being developed within a network. May the best cast prevail,” said Mona.

Though she’s credited for creating the successful VH1 franchise, Mona said the conception process was more about just knowing whose lives were interesting enough for TV.

“It’s a reality show. I didn’t create these people because I didn’t give birth to them. All I did was shine a camera on a segment of the population that I knew well…You can’t create a reality show. It’s reality,” she said.

That’s not exactly a denial coming from Mona who said, “The truth will prevail.” In the meantime, she asks “LHH” fans not to jump the gun.

“I just want everyone to use a little common sense when processing the information,” she said.

Watch Mona and Sway below.

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