Why Trey Songz Is Still Single [EXCLUSIVE]


Trey Songz is known for his charm, overtly sexual lyrics and…love? Despite Trey’s “lady’s man” reputation, the “Invented Sex” crooner is ruled by love. During a candid sit-down in his private studio on InterludesLIVE Trey revealed “I love hard” but, hasn’t found the woman to make him settle down.

“When I find somebody that I’m willing to commit my life to a lot of things will change. I won’t spend a million hours in the studio by myself. I think love overpowers all,” he revealed to host Smokey Fontaine. “It get’s very lonely because you turn around and it’s a different girl.”

The “Invented Sex” singer incorporates many of his love stories into his music and stays true to his sound on new single “Smart Phones.”

Watch Trey discuss his love life in this exclusive clip from the show airing in June!

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