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Today’s topic, if the title hasn’t already given it away, is how do men feel about women sharing the details of their sex life. Personally, I think it all depends on my relation to the woman in question. Generally I’m all for discretion, so I’d prefer if any woman I dealt with kept whatever happened between us, between us. In any event, I’d like to categorize the different relationships I’ve had with women and determine why it’s either appropriate or inappropriate for a woman to dish out sexual details to her friends. I would also like to preface the rest of this post by saying that I’m assuming any woman dishing out on the sex at this point has good things to say. If she’s giving out a bad report, I don’t think I know any man who wants a woman he’s slept with to share that information. Let’s proceed.

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Girlfriend: I, personally, don’t see how this is going to do any good. I’d understand if we were still in the “not yet committed” portion of the relationship and the way I put it down was just so fantastic you felt the need to share the information with a friend. At this particular point, the relationship is new, the experiences are new, and since a woman at this stage isn’t really sure where this situation is going yet, it tends to be little more than just gossip between women. But once I’m her boyfriend, I’m expecting all questions regarding my sexual prowess to be met with either an approving smile or a physical reaction of pleasure to emphasize how good I’m laying it down. Otherwise, keep it cute and keep it respectful. As a man, I don’t dish out the details of my sex with my woman to my homeboys. That’s against the rules. Sharing information about random women we’re not in relationships with is fine. Sharing sex information about a woman I plan on spending my life with is a violation.

Current Sex Partner: If I’m engaging in a casual sexual relationship with a woman, then I’d probably want her to keep her mouth shut too, although for a different reason. If the relationship is casual, it’s only a matter of time before someone catches feelings and that relationship will come to an end. Searching for new casual sex partners can be a real headache and I’d rather not have the pool of available women ruined because the girl I was messing with told her friends and now her friends are interested but don’t want to go there because I “used to mess with her friend.” Keeping our sexual details under wraps means there’s a greater chance I’m being described to her friends as a nameless and faceless lover. I’m a fan of the least amount of obstacles possible when it comes to these kind of situations so her keeping me anonymous makes it easier for me to make any moves in the future.

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