Columbus Short

According to TMZ, Columbus Short was arrested and taken into custody in a Van Nuys courtroom.

Short has been a wanted man since last month when he failed to appear in his criminal domestic violence case.

Short later appeared in a video that was posted to YouTube. In the video he claimed he was not coming back to the US and instead was going to buy a home in Barbados.

The judge was obviously none too happy and issued an arrest warrant for Short as a result. The bail was at $40K.

Fast forward to this week when the same judge became enraged about Columbus skipping yet another hearing. Short was still enjoying the island life in Barbados so the judge upped the bail to $500K.

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However, the former “Scandal” star showed up to face the music and was immediately arrested.

TMZ reports that Short had more than one hearing yesterday. The other hearing was for a criminal case stemming from a bar fight. But since he had been taken into custody he couldn’t appear for that hearing. So, the judge in the bar fight case issued a SECOND arrest warrant and set bail at $250K.

We’re not sure even Olivia Pope herself could fix this downward spiral of shame. Hopefully Columbus will get it together now.


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