An Ohio grand jury decided not to charge two police officers in the killing of John Crawford in a Walmart in August. Crawford, a black man, was holding a toy gun designed to look like an assault rifle. Now, surveillance video from the Walmart has been released to the public. Because there’s little sound, it makes it hard to tell when and how often the police shot Crawford. But the footage shows definitively that Crawford wasn’t brandishing the toy gun when he was shot — and that he dropped it, ran, and came back before he died. The video, which tracks Crawford as he made his way through the store doesn’t show any of the behavior described in the 911 call that sent cops to the scene. The 911 call, placed by a man named Ronald Ritchie (who is white), said that Crawford was “pointing it at people his body is hidden from view)

Without warning it looks as if he was shot without warning while looking at down the isle shopping.

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