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According to Census numbers from 2009 (sorry I had to go there), 70.5 percent of all black women are single, and 42 percent are unmarried. Before you roll your eyes in disgust, this is not another ‘plight of the single, educated, black woman’ story. Instead, I’m posing a question: When all of your friends are single, does it affect your chances of finding love?


It’s often said that birds of a feather flock together. Are my friends and I secretly sabotaging each other when it comes to relationships? The notion sounds a bit outlandish, but I can’t help but wonder. We all seem to deal with the same situations just in different parts of the world and with different types of men. Because of our similar relationship woes, our conversations with each other are usually the same. The advice we give each other…the same as well. Why? Because we speak of what we know, and judging by our circumstances, what we know and don’t know when it comes to relationships is quite similar.

In the past, most of my relationship advice came from this group of close friends, who, may I reiterate, are just as single as I am. The truth is that most of them haven’t been in committed relationships in years. In their defense, it’s often by choice. Some of them are extremely picky; others are the no-nonsense type of women who don’t accept the BS that sometimes comes with relationships. Then there are others who are so career-driven that they want a man but haven’t made dating a priority.

Whatever the reason, I can’t help but question why they…we…are all single. And does the advice and energy we supply each other with have anything to do with it?

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What do you think ladies?

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