Local artist, composer and songwriter Chris Harris has joined forces with Red Bicycle Media and up-and-coming Cleveland talent and actors to produce one of the most original music videos for this generation of hip hop.

“This video reflects my vision of bringing the ‘3 Sides’ narrative to life with the help of outstanding local music talent,” Harris (aka DJ $crilla) said. “I wanted to work with the best director, actors and staff to create a narrative that was truly powerful. No matter how big or small the role, everyone was vital to this project.”

The cinematic display features Cleveland actors Stefanie Statchik and Kellen Boyle. It was co-written by Maddie Finn, who herself is a vocalist in the Cleveland rock band Envoi.

‘3 Sides’ is a refreshing twist for a genre over saturated with hollow content and stale with cliches. Check out the rest of $crilla’s latest album #ALLin available for download at

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