As the mornings stay dark longer and nightfall comes earlier, let’s be sure to keep the folks who are out there on their bikes SAFE! That’s what the new Bike Cleveland “We Are All Drivers” ads popping up all over town are all about: reminding us that people on bikes are just like us, trying to get where they are going safely.

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For real, Cleveland, lots of folks out there straight up don’t own a car and for them, two wheels are where it’s at! Let’s give the good folks on bikes a break, cuz bicyclists are legal road users! And remember, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to get where we need to be….and do so safely cuz “We Are ALL Drivers.” This message brought to you by the YMCA of Greater Cleveland’s Clevelanders in Motion Health Equity Initiative, helping you to move more, eat better and have fun along the way!

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