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Monday night, Chris Brown took to Twitter to warn fans that a bogus story was soon to hit the web. “Tmz is about to run a bogus story tomorrow becuz they aren’t getting any traffic,” the young star tweeted. “They called my publicist about some bullshit ass story. It’s just sad. Now I’m letting y’all know it’s bullshit!”

Like clockwork, a story has hit the web about Chris and needless to say, I’m sure it was the story he was referring to in his tweets. According to TMZ, Chris Brown has a “sizzurp” addiction and friends/family are extremely worried about him. As evidence, they suggested a photo of Chris and Friends at a pumpkin patch, where Chris took his daughter Royalty over the weekend. In the photo Chris has a red Solo cup at his feet. Another friend with a double styrofoam cup. Since everybody knows that you can’t drink anything but lean out of cups, Chris is obviously has a scary addiction. TMZ also spotted Chris with double paper cups at a birthday party for Tyga’s son with his friend holding what they say is a prescription bottle of codeine. According to their reports, Chris’ family is worried because his codeine usage is getting increasingly worse, he’s drinking it around Royalty and they fear he will lose custody.

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