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Which beer goes with pizza? And which brew adds a nice clean, crisp finish to spicy wings?

Those are burning questions for anyone who wants to take his snack game to the next level this Super Bowl weekend.

Beer and food have loads of flavors in common, and they can complement each other beautifully. But most of us are just swigging and chewing mindlessly, missing an opportunity to appreciate interactions between the two.

Beer Pairing

“We want you to think about what the elements of beer are before tasting the food,” Conley tells us. “In the same vein, when you taste your food, do that exact same process: Be involved in it, be a participant instead of just being unconscious about it.”

Herz is the craft beer program director of the Brewers Association; Conley is a former microbiologist who is now the director of production and quality assurance at Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, Calif. They teamed up for the book after years of running public beer and food tastings together. Their guide includes everything from how to structure a tasting session to how aromas play into interactions between beer and food.

But you shouldn’t just throw any beer at any Super Bowl snack and expect a touchdown. We asked Conley and Herz to tell us which beer styles would go well with quintessential Super Bowl menu items. Here’s the rundown:

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Are you ready for Superbowl weekend?

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