Sounds like a crazy question right? Yeah it is. . .but let’s be honest, there are women out there who get proposed to every day and have issues with their ring. SMH. . .question is, do you have the heart/balls/guts to tell your partner if you don’t like the ring?

Via Madamenoire:

Although many couples prepare for and discuss marriage before getting engaged, there’s typically an element of surprise involved in the actual proposal. You may know that it’s coming at some point, but you probably won’t know exactly when. Also, not every couple looks at rings together beforehand, which can sometimes leave room for disappointment on the bride’s behalf. Just take Konni* for instance. The college student recently turned to Reddit because she accidentally stumbled across the engagement ring her boyfriend, Ryan, bought for her. And well, she hates it. The problem is, before Ryan went out and purchased the ring, Konni told him that she would “love him no matter what ring” he got her. Now she’s unsure of how she should handle the situation.

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