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It looks like all 6 of Prince’s siblings stand to see a major payday because as of now there is now evidence that Prince had an official will.

Multiple sources who have worked with Prince as recently as 2014 tell us … he did not have a will. Of course it’s possible in the last year or so Prince had a change of heart and drafted one, but all of our sources say based on his history with them that’s highly unlikely.

Our sources say various professionals raised the issue of a will with Prince but he never had an interest in drafting one.

We’ve contacted various people, including family members, and they all say they have not seen a will and so far no one has come forward with one.

If Prince did indeed die without a will, under Minnesota law his siblings — the closest living relatives — would share equally in his estate. Prince had 8 brothers and sisters, and only Tyka was a full sibling.

People have assumed Tyka — who has taken the reins — would get everything, but that’s not the case. In Minnesota half siblings and full siblings are treated exactly the same when it comes to inheritance without a will … they all share equally.


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