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A major hip hop site – – has taken the liberty of reviewing Drake’s latest album ‘Views’. What’s dope is they offer a ‘fan review’ rating as well. Check it out below and let us know if you agree!

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Though there are a few more cringeworthy lyrics and a bit less cohesion than usual for Drake, “VIEWS” is still an album that only he could make.

It felt like the hot takes on VIEWS started coming in before the album even dropped. Drake‘s trajectory hit a definite peak last year with the impeccably-curated If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, his triumphant Meek Mill beef, OVO Sound Radio, and “Hotline Bling”– regardless of where you think all that music ranks in his overall discography, it catapulted him to the top dog position he’d been gunning for his whole career. What A Time To Be Alive was still warmly received, but even then, a few weeks after “Hotline Bling” hit the radio, you could feel the wheels of Drizzy’s hype starting to slow just slightly. Whether you chalk it up to short attention spans, the fact that he sounded like he was playing catch-up to Future on the mixtape, or music fans’ need for narratives and arcs, you could tell he’d be in a precarious position when it came time to release his next album. In hip hop, like in sports, momentum is a pretty palpable force.

All of Drake’s pre-album singles were big events online (“Controlla,” “Pop Style,” and “One Dance” are easily the most-viewed songs on HNHH in the past few months), and it’s looking like “One Dance” will even be The Boy’s first number one single in the US. That’s not necessarily momentum though– that’s pop stardom. That’s the reason why Adele’s worst-reviewed album was also her highest-selling, and the reason why Eminem is still one of the best-selling rappers in the country despite peaking over a decade ago. It seems like Drake always knew he was headed to the top, and although it was a struggle to get there, he maintained of-the-moment hipness throughout the climb. As soon as you reach the summit though, getting that zeitgeist back becomes a much tougher task.

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