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Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there across the World. Whats a good gift to get your mom for mothers day besides the typical Mothers Day card, a letter. Thats exactly what the Rookie from the Miami Heat who goes by Justice Winslow, got his mom for Mothers Day. This is so heart warming:


Dear Mom,

I know I never made it easy for you. Raising a child is tough; raising a handful as a single mother is seemingly impossible — though the impossible is something you regularly conquer. From peewee to the pros, you’ve been there for me. To celebrate Mother’s Day, I’ve decided to celebrate you.

You are my teacher. Not only did you teach me how to be a strong, kind person, you taught me the importance of education. While everyone told you the only way I could earn a scholarship to an elite program was if I played at a big public school, you kept me enrolled at an education-first school. At St. John’s, I learned to balance homework and the hardwood.

You are my rock. When I was 17, I was completely overwhelmed by the recruiting process. In front of me was a decision that I knew would change the trajectory of my professional and personal life. I was beyond stressed, but you stood strong by my side, telling me to trust my head and my heart. I broke into tears when I finally made the life-changing decision to attend Duke, And you were right by my side, tears streaming down your face as well. It was then I realized your life had just changed, too.

You are my biggest fan. From my third grade days on the Houston Jaguars to my recent NBA playoff debut, I’ve been able to look in the stands and see you beaming at me with pride. Confidence on the court has come naturally to me—not because of arrogance in my ability, but because I know you have my back.

You are my role model. Growing up, I witnessed the obstacles life placed in front of you, and watch in awe and you seamlessly hurdled them. I’m not saying life was always easy — but you always made it easier for me. Because of you, I can safely say that I’m ready for whatever life puts in my way.

You are my inspiration. You are my pride. You are a million things to me. But most importantly, you are the reason I’m the man I am today.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you.

“What did yo get your mom for Mothers Day?”

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Story cred: Bossip…Photo: USAToday, Sportingnews