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After a heartbreak, its never that easy to get over an ex. Although getting up under someone else may be the best way to do it. You never want to rush just to hurry and heal, its a process.

  1. Steer clear of baby daddies. If you are in early 20s, this one is for you. Your twenties are your selfish years. You are fresh out of college, breaking out into the real world and figuring things out for yourself; no time to become a step mom. You don’t want a man that will blow you off because it’s his turn to “babysit” his own child. Not to mention the possible baby mama drama. So, steer clear of baby daddies, unless they are your own.
  2. Create an account online. In this day and age, online dating is the new wave. There have been many instances where someone has slid into someone else’s DM’s, sparking a longtime love and union. Creating an online account on a dating website, while many may look down on the notion, plenty of people have met the love of their lives on a dating app or website. I
  3. No Married Men or Divorcees.There is not much to gain from dating a married man, even if they say they are separated because nine times out of ten, #issalie. While, dating a divorcee may preserve your conscious, the drama is inevitable. Depending on the outcome of the divorce, your divorcee’s pockets are probably hurting, his ex-wife is probably mad as hell and now you’re stuck in the middle. Save yourself the trouble.
  4. Be Open Minded. While there are no real rules to dating, your prince charming isn’t going to come out of thin air. Try something new, give that guy a chance that has been in your dm’s for three years. Be open minded.
  5. Don’t Settle. While you should always keep an open mind in dating, it is important that you never settle. If you are doing good for yourself and a dude comes around that you enjoy, but his priorities aren’t straight and his money ain’t right, don’t settle. Don’t stay in a situation that keeps you unhappy, just because it’s what you know. Branch out, find someone that makes you happier than you’ve ever been.. Find someone that will be for you, that challenges you to be better than you were yesterday. And don’t settle for anything less.